Affecting Change is a sustainability consultant firm found by Sandra L. Laster, who is a true expert in her field. Our brief was to make the brand more approachable. The problem with the old branding was that it was cold and very scientific. Sandra also used the word 'interventionist' for herself which was not inviting for her target audience. In fact, what she was actually doing was making buildings healthier for the environment and for their habitants by questioning the common logic. She is basically looking at things from a different perspective. To communicate this message we simply, we reversed the Fogo Island photo upside down, so that the water reflection is on the top, and added the tag line "We Look at Buildings Differently". We aligned My Green Reno logo with the Affecting Change logo, which was beautifully designed. We also brought more colours to her site by adding fresh icons and striking environmental imagery that communicates Sandra's true personality and passion for the environment. We re-designed templates for case-studies and educational decks as you will see bellow.  
Website Design
Speaker's one-sheet
Case-study Design Template
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